The Four People You Need Now So You Do Not End Up Unnecessarily Single

coaching mentoring support Aug 05, 2020

There are some people you need in your life to prepare you for your journey to the altar. Here are the four people you need to put in place as soon as possible. You will thank me later.

The you-are-about-to-do-something-stupid monitor – You need someone in your life who you deputize to speak into your life. This person needs to be someone you let KNOW you so they can NO you. They will monitor for when you are going to make a deep mistake that will set you back in your journey to the altar. That looks different for everyone but includes stuff like, answer an ex for a booty call, dating the wrong man, or going in the wrong direction. Since they KNOW you, when they see these thing crop up, they will NO you!

Wife Life Coach – A wise and impartial woman who walked the same road as you and will support your journey to wife life. She will point out any roadblocks you may encounter and cut your learning curve that you do not have to spend any extra time being unnecessarily single than necessary.

A spiritual mother or mentor – You need someone who can stand with you in prayer, help you to discern God’s voice over your own feelings, and cover you as you embark on this important decision.

A good sister friend who can enjoy the journey with you. Qualifiers: she cannot be jealous or envious of you in any area. She must be able to weep AND rejoice with you. She cannot be a male basher, man-hater, or so wounded from her last relationship that she gives you bad advice.

Now that you have these four critical people in your life, don’t fight your help. They are put in place to support you and cut your learning curve so that you do not go off on tangents. Keep in mind that every time hop off the bunny trail you increase your waiting time and derail your journey. Respect your village!

It's time to position yourself to find and be found by the quality man you deserve!