Positioned for Kingdom Business

Empowering Christian Women for Entrepreneurial Success


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Dear Kingdom Business Builder,

We invite you to embark on a transformative Kingdom business-building journey designed exclusively for you, the entrepreneurial Christian woman!

Our exclusive pilot program is not just a coaching experience; it's a dynamic collaboration where your voice matters. Over the course of six enriching months, we will co-create this program together, weaving your experiences, desires, and aspirations into every thread. This is a tailor-made opportunity to:

> Position yourself for kingdom business success.

> Experience unique learning opportunities and topics.

> Get the answers your need during live Q&A sessions.

> Learn from guest experts who resonate with you.

> Infuse prayer and spiritual guidance into your business practices.

> Join a private community that gives you the safe space you need to learn and grow.

Spiritual Guidance and Prayer

We understand that success in business is more than financial gains; it's about alignment with your faith. Guided by prayer and spiritual insights, our program integrates the sacred into the strategic, infusing your business endeavors with divine purpose and wisdom.

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A Community of Support - Mastermind

Being an entrepreneurial trailblazer can be lonely. Sometime those around us don’t understand our calling to the marketplace. Having a supportive community can make all the difference. Our private community is not just a virtual space; it's a mastermind where we get the mind of the Master and like-minded sisters uplift, inspire, and walk alongside each other in their business journeys. It's a safe haven for shared victories, challenges, and prayer requests and a place where you can be you.

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Office Hours

Office hours are scheduled times of collaboration with experts where your business building questions find answers, you receive business guidance, and share experiences. It's your safe space to connect, grow, and share.

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Extraordinary Value, Fraction of the Cost

You don’t have to muddle through figuring it out by yourself.

This is your only opportunity to participate in this pilot program. The trailblazing Positioned for Kingdom Business pilot program offers an extraordinary value, providing you with an opportunity to participate in the program at a fraction of the cost it will be in the future. It's an invitation to step fully into your entrepreneurial calling with confidence, surrounded by a supportive sisterhood. The completed project will be released this fall as a self-paced program. This once in a lifetime, pilot program opportunity is the ONLY time this program will be offered with live office hours, a private community and live Q&A business coaching. Upon its release in its final form, it becomes a self-paced course that does not feature those options.

Speaking of the final release, as trailblazing, charter members of the Positioned for Kingdom Business pilot program, you will have 6 months of complimentary access to the finalized program!

 Are you ready to embark on this empowering journey where your faith meets your business dreams? Click below to secure your spot.



I'm Kimberly Knight, MS, BCC.

Kimberly Knight, MS, BCC, is an accomplished leadership and personal development professional who has dedicated her career to helping women fulfill their personal and professional potential. As the founder and CEO of Positioned Network, Kimberly leverages her extensive experience in business and adult education to create collaborative, integrated ways for women to access the content, coaching, and community they need to reach their God-given potential. Whether you want to grow your business, improve your relationships, or achieve your goals, Kimberly and the Positioned Network community can help you to succeed and live a life you love.

It's time to position yourself for the business you've praying for!


Positioned for Kingdom Business!




Module 1

Renew Your Mind for Kingdom Business Building

Discover the transformative power of overcoming fear, renewing your mind through prayer, and learning from experts about mental resilience, all rooted in biblical principles.

Module 2

Dreaming and Visioning

Create a God-sized vision by using of the biblical principles of declaring the from end from the beginning.

Module 3

Building Your Business Around Your Priorities and Lifestyle

Navigate the delicate balance between family, personal responsibilities, and business. Learn how to have a successful, God-honoring business AND a life you love.

Module 4

Tactical Planning

Set plans in motion to align your business with your priorities.

Module 5

Time Mastery

Maximize your efficiency and effectiveness in both personal life and your business.

Module 6

Build Your Business Village

Connect, fortify, and expand your business network.

Module 7


Learn the essentials of marketing, podcasting, defining your ideal client, leveraging social media, and making meaningful connections.

Uncover vital strategies for connecting with your ideal audience.

Module 8

Profits & Stewardship

Cultivate financial wisdom with ethical financial practices for sustainable growth.

Module 9

Money Making Activities

Focus on the tasks that directly put money in your pocket

Module 10

Multiple Streams of Income

Diversify your revenue with strategic income streams and unlock the potential for sustained financial growth.

Module 11

Residual Income

Explore the art of earning money in your sleep.

Module 12

Donut Holes

Leverage the smaller opportunities that the larger companies leave behind.

Module 13

Quick Hits

Learn easy to implement strategies to inject emergency cash into your business.

Module 14

Service Models for Your Business

Discover diverse business models, tailored to your vision and aligned with your goals.

Module 15

Tech and Tools

Optimize technology and essential tools to streamline the backend operations of your business and move you further faster.

Module 16

Tax Strategies

Gain clarity on tax reduction planning, strategies and tips for navigating your business taxes.

Module 17


Secure your business, life, and profits with essential insurance insights.

Module 18

Recommended Resources

Curated tools and guides for optimal growth and business success.

Embark on a transformative journey with Kingdom Business Builders, where faith and business intersect for unparalleled success. Join now and unleash the full potential of your God-given entrepreneurial vision!

There's More!


Guest Lecturers and Speakers

Periodically, Kimberly will interview special guest speakers with expertise and experience in special topics to help you position yourself for Kingdom Business success.

Office Hours

Office hours are scheduled times of collaboration with experts where your business building questions find answers, you receive business guidance, and share experiences. It's your safe space to connect, grow, and share.

Prayer and Spiritual Matters

Don't forget, you have power in your prayers! Bathe your business in fervent, effective prayer.

Private Sisterhood Community

We’re on this journey together, so we created a private community where you can chat and share with Kimberly and other members.

Optional One-on-One Private Coaching Sessions

Private coaching sessions to solidify the learning and give you feedback on your unique situation, background, and circumstances.


Positioned for Kingdom Business

The only opportunity to join the pilot program.

  • 14+ Modules.....(Valued at $975)
  • Live Q&A Sessions.....(Valued at $2,500)
  • Private Community.....(Valued at $1,500)
  • Prayer & Spiritual Guidance....(Priceless)
  • Guest Lectures & Speakers
  • BONUS Material