What do single Christian women desiring lasting love need the most?


Physical appearance? Luck? Favor? Compromise your values?

It is none of those things.


It's time to position yourself to find and be found by the quality man you deserve!


>> YES! I'M READY! <<

Can You Relate?

  • You know it is not as simple as losing 20 pounds, changing your hair, or spinning around 3 times and your future husband will magically appear.

  • You’ve tried other programs but they were not in alignment with your values and beliefs. The advice you received didn’t fit for this stage of your life and left you close to giving up hope that you would ever find true love. What’s worse is you are starting to think that all the good ones are taken and you somehow missed out.

  • You are a mature, accomplished woman. You need something different, something more. You don’t know what it is but you know that the old version of you has expired and at this point there is no turning back!

  • Not for nothing, you already have a full life. You are busy. Perhaps you’ve raised children or they will soon be on their own. You are a leader in your church. Your career has seen some success. People look up to you for your advice and leadership.


Yet, when you go home, you are alone.

> You don’t want to resign yourself to growing older alone.

> You were told to wait and he will “find” you. 

> You know something is missing but you aren't sure what it is.

Guess What?!

You don’t have to muddle through figuring it out by yourself.

  • You can have the skills, sisterhood, and support you need to make good relationship choices, consistent with your beliefs with a coach who shares your values and has been there herself.
  • You can discover how to attract godly, successful men who are willing and able to love you and do life with you.
  • You can learn how to date and select your future mate as a mature Christian woman and not waiting for Boaz or Prince Charming. Everything else in your life has evolved except how you expect romantic relationships to materialize. Shouldn’t your approach to finding love evolve too?
  • You are wise. You know anything worth having is worth the investment it takes to obtain it. You know a good opportunity when you hear one and you are not about to miss this one.

Are you are willing to open your heart to new possibilities?


Are you ready to invest in your future relationship?


If you answered 'yes', this may be the answer to your prayers.




I'm Kimberly “Coach Kim” Knight, MS, BCC.

And I’m not just a dating and life coach, I am a dating success story! At 48 years old, almost 15 years after a devasting divorce, I met and married my ivy league educated husband in eight months! Now, I am determined to help you position yourself for love!

It's time to position yourself for the love you've praying for!


Positioned for Love!


Perfect for single Christian women looking to find the man they've been praying for.



Are you ready to...

  • Enjoy the benefits of mature, godly romantic relationships.
  • Learn why this may be the best season of your life for a serious romantic relationship.
  • Discover why the men you have been attracted to didn’t work out and how to make dating work for you.
  • Connect with your femininity to attract the masculine, godly man with whom you want to share your life.
  • Identify and defeat any self-sabotaging mindsets that are keeping you single.
  • Discern and conquer fear and overcome excuses to finding lasting love.
  • Get a clear vision about the man and relationship that you desire.
  • Receive answers to your what-ifs and questions.
  • Deeply connect with a man without playing games or compromising your values.
  • Stop missing great opportunities to meet and date good men.
  • How to have fun while managing your personal safety.
  • And much, much more…

Are you ready to position yourself to find and be found by the quality man you deserve?




Module 1

If You Wanna Say “I Do”, You Gotta Know Who You Are

This core course will equip you with the tools to know who you are, what you want, how to create, communicate, and maintain healthy boundaries, and present your best self in romantic relationships.

Topics include:

  • Identify and live your core values.
  • Get clear about what you want for your life.
  • Make time and space for a relationship.
Module 2

What You Are Looking For is Looking For You

Most Christian women want a “good man” however, few take the time to define what a good man looks like to them. In this module, you will determine what you are looking for in a man and better discern what is important to you and stop wasting time trying to decide if this is a love worth having.

  • Decide what you need to have a happy, healthy relationship.
  • Define what you need to bridge the gap between your desires and your reality.
  • Determine what you need to have the relationship you desire.
Module 3

Dealing With What Is Dealing With You

You survived past pains but they may continue to impair your present and future relationships. It is time to heal what is blocking you from true and lasting love and keeps you stuck in bad relationships and unhealthy cycles.

  • Changes in mindset and paradigm shifts that make a difference.
  • Healing past hurts and moving on.
  • Should you take your ex back.
Module 4

Digital Dating

Did you know that more and more women are starting their relationships online? In this module you will determine whether online dating is for you and how to have fun meeting men while maintaining your safety.

  • How to know if digital dating is for you.
  • Staying safe while having fun.
  • Developing discernment to weed out users and losers.
  • Build a powerful, man attracting profile.
  • When and how to move from online communication to meeting in person.
  • Do’s and Don’ts for making online dating work for you and your busy life.
Module 5

Dating 101

This is where the rubber meets the road. Or should we say where you meet men! Learn how to handle dating like an adult. Get the love and affection you desire while remaining true to your core values and in alignment with your healthy boundaries.

  • Making room for new love.
  • How to meet a man when the only club you hit is a sandwich.
  • Dating etiquette.
Module 6

Cookie Jar Control 101

Put the kids to bed! This is for adults only! Straight talk on sex. Stuff our mommas didn’t teach us because they didn’t know!

  • How far is too far?
  • Celibacy and abstinence.
  • How to talk about sexual boundaries.
  • Will he wait until marriage to have sex?
Module 7

Cookie Jar Control 202

Next level conversation on your sex life...

  • How to Handle a Hungry Man - Sex in the relationship.
  • Communicating Your Boundaries with Grace.
  • Handling Temptation.
  • Slips and Falls.
  • Past Experiences.
Module 8

Dating 202

Get ready to take your relationship to the next level! This module will equip you to handle life while dating, navigate relationships, and overcome the challenges to building a committed relationship.

  • How and when should you introduce him into your world.
  • Building intimacy without sex.
  • How to know if he is the one.
Module 9

Speedbumps and Stop Signals

In this module you will learn not only how to spot a red flag, but also how to handle them as well as how to distinguish between bad character, a bad day, or hard season.

  • When conflict can be a good thing.
  • Red Flags.
  • Falling in and out of love.
Module 10

Family Matters

Straight talk and tools to help you blend your families, overcome unique obstacles, and set boundaries for your new family.

  • Handling the holidays.
  • Meeting his friends and family.
  • In-laws (and Outlaws).
  • Handling the “baby mama” without the drama.
Module 11

Breaking Up and Making Up

This module will teach you practical strategies for knowing how and when to walk away, heal and regain your confidence.

  • When to walk away.
  • Should you take your ex back.
  • Breaking free after a breakup.
Module 12

He Put a Ring on It! Now What? - Premarital Matters That Matter

This practical and spiritual module will provide insight into how to prepare for your marriage before it begins, have important conversations regarding decision making, finances, family, education, faith, and career, and addressing past experiences and current expectations.

  • Proposal.
  • Engagements.
  • Premarital counseling.
  • Wedding planning.

There's More!


Guest Lecturers and Speakers

Periodically, Coach Kim will interview special guest speakers and lecturers with expertise and experience in special topics to help you position yourself for love.

Lips, Hips, and Fingertips

Finding lasting love is not all about how you look, however, you do want to put your best foot forward with your physical appearance. 

Prayer and Spiritual Matters

Don't forget, you have power in your prayers! Bathe your future relationship in fervent, effective prayer before it begins.

Private Facebook Sisterhood Community

We’re on this journey together, so we created a private Facebook community where you can chat and share with Coach Kim and other members.

Optional One-on-One Private Coaching Sessions

Private coaching sessions to solidify the learning and give you feedback on your unique situation, background, and circumstances.


Positioned for Love

The tried-and-tested online resource for single Christian women to prepare & find for the man they've been praying for.

  • 12 Modules.....(Valued at $2,500)
  • Live Sessions.....(Valued at $2,000)
  • Private Community.....(Valued at $997)
  • Guest Lectures & Speakers
  • BONUS Material




Missing this is not an option!

A year from now you will wish you started today!